Just give us 90 days to Ignite your plant team's performance potential!

We specialize in coaching customer's plant teams to deliver lasting bottom line savings in 90 days. The nations leading branded; private label; contract manufacturing and own label food, beverage CPG and process companies turn to us to lower conversion costs and create margin expansion. Your kaizen continuous improvement returns will multiply within 90 days when you try our service.

We’re a new breed of change agents.

Tackling an age-old problem a different way for mid size manufacturers:

Making improvements hit
the bottom line right away
Making the profit generating CI behavior STICK after the consulting ends

We stand out from other consulting firms by:

Continuous Improvement

  • Giving you our Ignite playbook so we can give you in 90 days what most take a year to provide
  • Providing a unique rhythm to rapid continuous improvement that maps exactly to the pace of your organizations’ appetite for change
  • Establishing Kaizen cycles to immediately blend into daily life and track savings not just activity
  • Ensuring skills are transferred from our coaches to your organization
  • The practical application of lean manufacturing training and techniques to transition the skills and structure to your internal teams

Plant Floor Technology

  • Embracing the data available from plant floor systems to complement the continuous improvement process
  • A guarantee to deliver plant floor technology implementations on time and under budget
  • Focusing on embedding behavior change in the workforce
  • Maximizing your existing technology investments rather than recommending new alternatives
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